Friday, April 22, 2011


He died 17 years ago tonight, also on a Friday, in New York Hospital. Kathy O'Connor, his last chief of staff, was holding his hand and felt him leave.


MK said...

Very touching. Sorry I didn't see this until Saturday morning; I was very tired and went to bed pretty early Friday night. That three hour difference between the West and East Coast sometimes leads me to miss some things (all nighters are very much the exception than the rule for me).

I'm sure this is a tough anniversary both for you and for Kathy. I hope you she and you find comfort in the knowledge that you both served Richard Nixon so well during extraordiary times and at times under extraordinarily challenging circumstances. Such personal and professional achievements in helping someone you knew so very well and did the best to help should be a source of great pride for you both.

MK said...

Look for something more from me about RN in the post I'm going to work on today and put up at Nixonara for Easter Sunday -- if I get it done in time I plan to pubish right after midnight tonight.

Fr. John said...

Thanks for your gracious comment, MK; and Kathy appreciates it, too.