Thursday, January 27, 2011

Speed Traps: An Anglican Hermeneutic

The Episconixonian has obtained this link to a national speed trap registry. As regards so many things, my views are mixed. If you stay at the speed limit, you'll never get a ticket, and our streets will be safer for men, women, children, and small animals. For seven years I've commuted an hour a day round trip on a toll road with a CHP officer waiting around every scenic curve. I put the cruise control on, other cars thunder by, and I don't worry about nothing, gliding past the black and whites, the mighty Saturn registering a rock-solid "65" on the readout of their radar guns.

I take some pride from the idea that some of the guys actually recognize me after all these years. "Drives like a little old lady," maybe they mutter. We all know that traffic tickets are about governmental revenue as well as safety. So while we rolling ATMs are entitled to know where the danger lies, while using this resource please heed the comment on the very first listing for my home town of Yorba Linda: "Nothing on this street, or in this town for that matter, is a TRAP. Just drive the darned speed limit! A child was killed on Lakeview many years ago, by a speeding driver. Slow down for gosh sake!"

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