Monday, January 10, 2011

Cold 'Lanta

A rumor surged through our pilgrim band Sunday night that our Monday evening flight from Atlanta to Tel Aviv had been canceled. Remembering that our LORD's way up to Jerusalem, while not snowy, was also not easy, we shook off the temptation to discouragement and arrived at LAX this morning bravely girded for rerouting. Then word came (via Pilgrim Pam's insider contacts at Delta) that if there was one flight from LA that the airline was going to operate into the teeth of the mighty storm today, it was ours.

We arrived in snowbound Georgia 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Our Tel Aviv connection is one of the few flights still scheduled tonight. Deb and Cheryl (right, above) and our friend from St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Fulleton, Nancy, received a humble pilgrim's welcome in the food court of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. In a few hours, we'll set our faces for gate E-16.

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Anonymous said...

for those that have not heard, they made it to LTV, 23 hors after leaving LAX, met by bus and on their way, all is good from what Debs texted