Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Wages Of Sin?

Pastor Terry Jones has a $200,000 bill from the city of Gainesville for security costs it incurred (but, he claims, never told him he'd have to pay) in the buildup to his planned Sept. 11 Koran-burning.

Serves him right, many are probably saying. But let's remember that, in the end, he didn't do it. Some of the damage was done already, especially injuries in demonstrations by Muslims in Afghanistan. But it would've been far worse if he hadn't backed down. Because he did, for whatever reason, a little Christian forgiveness is in order.

As for the security bill, local police had to step up their planning dramatically because of the media frenzy over Jones' plans, which occurred as the result of the controversy over Cordoba House in Manhattan, which was whipped up as part of Republicans' midterm election tactics. So maybe he should send the bill to the GOP.

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Mr. Dobolena said...

I concur. A little Christian forgiveness IS in order. Generally. For all of us. Including the weirdos.