Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home Is Where The Corazon Is

At center, that's Paul McShane of St. John's Episcopal Church, helping two brothers raise the roof of a house for Raul and Beatrice Rubio Puc and their four children, residents of a neighborhood on the western outskirts of Tijuana. More later about our day in Mexico under the auspices of Corazon, which has been helping the people of northern Baja California for 30 years, supported by the elbow grease of church communities and other people of faith. We're all pretty tired, notwithstanding the smiles on the faces of the Rubio Puc family and the people of St. John's. When we arrived at 7 a.m. this morning, there was a slab; when we left, there was a home. To be honest, the mind boggles. Well done, good and faithful servants!


MK said...

Now that's what I call "walking the talk!" Well done, all, well done, indeed.

Fr. John said...

Thanks, MK. The experience of a lifetime.