Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Well Done, Sarah! One Less House Republican

Fox News just halfheartedly called New York's 23nd congressional district for the Democrat, Bill Owens. It's been a safe GOP seat for years. Then Sarah Palin decided that local party officials had erred in nominating a liberal Republican, Dede Scozzafava, and threw her support beyond the Conservative Party's candidate for the seat, carpetbagger Doug Hoffman. Scozzafava returned the favor by dropping out and endorsing Owens.

His victory is a stunning defeat for Palin. Yet watch conservatives spin it as a win for their true-blue principles -- although the talking points have evidently not yet been delivered to the GOP's most reliable media friends. Before this evening, Fox had devoted considerable attention to New York 23 as a bellwether race, dramatic evidence that angry conservatives had a better sense of the electorate than the out-of-touch GOP bosses who'd nominated Scozzafava. Now that Owens has won -- demonstrating that local Republicans, unlike Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity, knew exactly what the district was looking for --  Fox's anchorpeople have suddenly lost interest.


MK said...

Thanks for the flash. I knew I could count on my buddy with all the printer's ink in his veins. As I was typing this comment, I saw Markos Moulitsa report that Hoffman has conceded.

The person for whom I feel sorry (although I don't know him personally) is Ed Cox. What a time to take over leadership of the state GOP. The New York Daily News reported this morning that "Bill Owens defended Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava against Rush Limbaugh, who said she's "guilty of widespread bestiality" by "screwing every RINO in the country." The newspaper added that Hoffman "declined to denounce" Limbaugh's comments.

I wonder if Ed Cox said anything about Limbaugh's characterization of Ms. Scozzafava. I'm guessing he didn't feel able to do so. I can't imagine why the radio host would have said that with voters yet to go to the polls. What a coarse image with which to saddle Ed Cox and NY Republicans on election day. Mind boggling. The seat goes Democratic for the first time in 100 years. Fascinating.

Fr. John said...

Thanks, MK. A couple of days ago, as you probably know, Ed Cox condemned Scozzafava for endorsing Owens, but I haven't seen anything since then.

Limbaugh's comment was disgusting, and also ironic, since the election results suggest that someone else was doing the you-know-whating.

I can't want to hear what Sean Hannity's talking points will be tomorrow:

-- Big win for Palin! She puts principle ahead of politics.

-- Scozzafava's fault! How dare she pry the GOP's knife out of her back and plunge it into Hoffman?

-- Hoffman's fault! We all knew he was a milquetoast carpetbagger who didn't have a chance. And yet look how close he came to winning.

-- Liberal media's fault! Why? Just because.

MK said...

LOL on your talking points. My response to Sean Hannity would be: dude, last time I looked, it's still a democracy. The voters make the decisions.

Markos at Daily Kos says thanks to the intervenors, then writes, "Ironically, the NRCC, the RNC, Newt Gingrich and the smartest Republican in the world, Tom Davis (former NRCC chair) were right -- the Republican Party needs to be more of a big tent to successfully compete in the Northeast and other non-Southern parts of the country."