Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hoffman's Fault!

Glenn Beck:
And you win by three points? That's a victory? You've double‑teamed an accountant and you only won by three points. Boy, you guys are good... That's like the Yankees playing a high school team and winning by three runs. Oh, wow!


MK said...

Did he really say that about a win by a Democrat in a district which had a 45,000 person edge in registration for Republicans? The district, although its boundaries changed somewhat over the years, hadn't gone Democratic in 100 years. It was supposed to be a solid lock for the Rs. What a strange reaction. It's not that I'd expect him to say publicly, "we blew it," since that type of candor and self reflection isn't rewarded in his job, but still. . . .!

Fr. John said...

Amen, MK. This theme is like shooting watermelons in a barrel. But fun! Good for that one blogger at Fox, who questioned whether Palin could absorb very many more such losses.