Monday, November 16, 2009

Not My Republican Party

Rep. John Campbell (R-Newport Beach), soliciting campaign contributions to help him "defeat the forces of socialism here and those who threaten to weaken us from abroad," issues this manifesto in an e-mail blast:
Over the past 100 years or so, an intriguing yet powerful phenomenon has been witnessed by mankind, regardless of culture, history, or circumstances. When citizens of any nation have seen their country overrun by foreign invaders or become governed by an oppressive and autocratic state, individuals would often form a "resistance" organized to stand up to the occupiers or oppressors and to fight for freedom from within. In fact, this very nation owes its lifeblood to a resistance movement born of like-minded individuals who believed so firmly in the principles of freedom and the individual rights of man that they were willing to forfeit life and limb and security to band together to fight to protect those freedoms. It is this courageous spirit, intrinsic to countless brave men and women across the world, that I now invoke.
Campbell goes on to say that readers can "join the resistance" by Tweeting and sending him money, but the harshness of his rhetoric -- "foreign invaders?" "Occupiers"? "Oppressors"? -- is unmistakable. How could this bizarre and offensive diatribe not be read as a veiled call to take up arms against the Obama administration?


Anonymous said...

Thank you Father John, for highlighting this disturbing campaign tactic

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like a religious statist attacking a conservative.