Friday, October 23, 2009

Incense-Filled Rooms

Benedict XVI has the body of Christ thinking about tactics and power politics once again. In this "Economist" article about the Pope's move to attract married, conservative Anglican priests to join in a new category of Roman Catholic priesthood, "liberal Anglicanism" means reformed, liturgically-minded Christians in England who can't for the life of them figure out where the Bible says that God and Jesus Christ don't want women to say mass, pronounce God's absolution, and serve as bishops:

Hitherto, an uneasy alliance of low-church evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics has struggled to resist liberal Anglicanism. “This will change the balance in the Church of England in favour of the liberals,” says Jonathan Bartley of Ekklesia, a think-tank. “The evangelicals won’t go to Rome and they may now be abandoned by their Anglo-Catholic allies.” Some think (or fear) that as many as one in seven Church of England priests could convert.

Hat tip to Mike Cheever

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