Thursday, April 26, 2012

From Red Meat To Arugula

The wise old GOP groundhogs crawl out of their burrows, scratch their eyes, and advise the candidate who just spent a long winter beating seven conservative challengers please to tone it down and wax positive and constructive for the general election. Everyone knows Mitt Romney can't win without a move to the center. And yet Michael Barbaro reports in the New York Times:
The campaign shows no immediate sign of shifting from attack mode, precisely the approach some supporters want him to maintain. Terry Branstad, the Republican governor of Iowa, said Mr. Obama was the candidate running the negative campaign. “He is spending his time personally attacking Romney,” said Mr. Branstad, who encouraged Mr. Romney to keep highlighting the president’s shortcomings. 
I've always had the feeling that Romney's over-aggressiveness toward Barack Obama was an attempt to obscure their glaring similarities. They're smart and temperamentally reserved, and they're both pragmatists, at least if you go by Romney's record as Massachusetts governor, which is not unlike Obama's as president. Since Romney couldn't very well proclaim his conservative bona fides, he compensated with extra servings of red meat. His campaign may be delaying the big reveal of its general election strategy because it knows conservatives won't like what they're served instead.

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