Monday, April 23, 2012

Cultural Warfare By Other Means

Not all people of faith are praising Chuck Colson.


DJC said...

Interesting site, with some decidedly unfriendly takes on the late Chuck Colson, I realize the man had faults, as we all do, but I just tend to shy away from people who carelessly ascribe labels like "misogynist" to people simply because they hold opposing views to whomever is doing the criticism. Labels such as this are a way of "pushing my buttons" Literally meaning "Woman hater" Each time I hear this statement it makes me feel like less of a person not only in the eyes of the person tagged as such but also by the person doing the tagging. I would much rather see labels of this sort disappear as they are used far too often in substitution for balanced debate. Most people hold a particular view for a reason or reasons, and far too often people who disagree carelessly ascribe “hatred” to be the underlying cause. This is both simplistic and very often untrue.
Thanks for posting John, these posts about Mr. Colson make very interesting and informative reading!

Fr. John said...

Thanks for your comment, DJC. These days matters of gender and sexual orientation are on the church's learning edge (and secular society's as well). So feelings do run high.

In fairness to Mr. Colson, I also posted the reflections offered at NRO.

Blessings to you.

DJC said...

Thanks John, I know you're covering the story with a broad selection of responses from many and varied sources, which is why your blog is so balanced, informative and interesting. BTW, congratulations on your new little "grandbirds."