Friday, March 9, 2012

Who's The Expletive-Deleted Library Director?

During 2010-11, Nixon library director Tim Naftali was under relentless pressure over the Watergate exhibit that his bosses at the National Archives had ordered him to design and install. We know about the secret maneuvers by Nixon and Bob Haldeman operatives such as Sen. Lamar Alexander and the Watergate truth squad that included perjurer Dwight Chapin. Now historian and former Nixon archivist Maarja Krusten reports that a taxpayer-paid presidential library director got into the act and actually cussed Naftali out. Krusten says the event occurred in the last couple of years. I wonder if this publicly accountable official was representing the get-Naftali mission of the Haldeman clique and, if so, why.

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