Saturday, March 10, 2012

Skipping Stone

Roger Stone, the ultimate Nixonite, explains why he's supporting former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate in 2012:
[A] candidate for president who opposes the war in Afghanistan, favors a woman's right to choose, supports gay marriage equality, and backs the legalization of marijuana at the same time he supports deep cuts in spending, radical tax reduction, smaller government, gun owner's rights and an adherence to constitutional principles has a unique opportunity to impact the 2012 presidential race....

The American people have never been offered a candidate who is a fiscal conservative and social liberal. If you voted for the Republican because you favored spending and tax cuts you also had to swallow a ban on abortion and opposition to gay marriage. If you voted for the Democrat because you were pro-choice, you also had to support fiscal policies that would bankrupt us.

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Ultimate Vindicator said...

Stone has recognized a change in the wind. You do not live such a long and experienced career in politics without having horsesense. Gary Johnson represents the values Americans have lost through an increasingly bureaucratic and oppressive government. The Libertarian message is just starting to reverberate among the masses and Roger Stone is ahead of the curve.