Friday, December 23, 2011

Voting Is Not A "Purist Abstraction"

Andrew Sullivan, who has endorsed libertarian Ron Paul for the GOP nomination but says he'll support liberal Barack Obama in the general election (and yes, he can explain why), acknowledges the racism and homophobia in the Pauline opus -- and yet:

It seems clear to me that Paul has associated with people with some vile views, and profited from it. At best, that is reckless negligence. At worst, it is a blind eye to real ugliness. Neither interpretation flatters Paul. Against that, you have to weigh his character as it has revealed itself over three presidential campaigns, his opponents (whose extremism and bigotry do not need to be ferreted out), and his argument: that domestic liberty requires a drastic re-callibration of our military-industrial complex and an end to the drug war. Voting is not some kind of purist abstraction. Every candidate is flawed. The moment and the argument matter. Viewing it all together, I would not have a problem supporting Paul if I were caucusing in Iowa. And I think a victory will help enormously in reorienting the GOP away from its dangerous foreign policy belligerence.

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