Monday, September 27, 2010

What Gingrich, Jones, And Ellmers Have Done

Photo by Kirsten Luce/New York Times

Turnout was less than expected for New York City's annual Muslim Day parade yesterday. Some may have stayed away because of security concerns. Too scary to take your kids to a parade because you're the wrong religion. How about that for America? In a New York Times article, this quote stood out:
A lieutenant with the fire department of Elmsford, N.Y., Syed Alirahi, said: “We are public servants. Most of us are born here, live here and die here. We’re going to fight for our country. Today is our opportunity to show ourselves to other people, and our contributions to the country as Muslims.”
Would you spurn his vote if he lived among the "Christian people" of North Carolina's second congressional district, Renee Ellmers? Is he like a Nazi, New Gingrich? And if he came to put out a fire at your houses, would you let him?

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