Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Do Snails Cross The Sidewalk?

I have the same question for earthworms, who with their even less keen sense of direction end up frying by the thousands. It's a rainy morning in Yorba Linda, so this guy has half a chance, although he altered his vector after mistaking a crack in the sidewalk for the promised land. On a hot day he'd end up baking in his shell for sure. Have you ever helped a snail reach his destination?


DJC said...

A snail no, I have never come across a snail. I have helped a stuggling earthworm or two though. Often enough that I have overcome the "icky" factor to pick him up by hand.

Fr. John said...

I've assisted earthworms as well. The snails are tricky, because they hold onto the sidewalk, and I'm afraid I'm tearing off suction cups or whatever they have.

DJC said...

Agreed, Micro animal rescue is a difficult enterprise.