Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bill And Ann And Ron And Nancy

Ann Coulter and Bill Maher, both gifted comic-polemicists, sparred over President Obama's stem cell research decision at a debate in New York:
That led to the two battling over Nancy Reagan, who has come out in support for Obama’s decision.

“Nancy Reagan was so madly in love with Ronald Reagan,” Coulter said, “if you told her that we could bring Ronald Reagan back to life, cure Alzheimer’s by disemboweling everyone in this audience, she would say ‘do it.’”

Maher: “So you’re saying Nancy Reagan, the patron saint of the Republican party ... ”

Coulter: “She’s not the patron saint of the Republican party.”

Maher: “She’s somebody you revere. ... You’ve just said she’s bats--t crazy.”

Coulter responded that it’s funny to see liberals — who once chided Reagan for following astrology — now trying to bring her into a science debate. “I never saw her as a seer of technology,” she added.

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