Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hardly Fulsom Praise

Good for the Boston Globe. It recruited John Mitchell biographer James Rosen (left) to review Don Fulsom's Nixon's Darkest Secrets, which recycled Anthony Summers' false wife-beating charges and proposed that Nixon (the straightest, squarest person in history) was gay. He calls it "the most virulently hateful book about the 37th president ever written -- and the worst." Amen.


DJC said...

Thank you Mr. Taylor, for following up this story so very well. Thanks for posting these links, I think Mr. fulsom will regret his ill-advised book as it is certain to take it's toll on his professional standing as a credible instructor. Let's hope he repents.

Those of us who didn't actually know Richard Nixon as you did, we have to be able to rely on the written word to convey factual information and when scurrilous authors contaminate that pool of information, it behooves those who know better to step up and educate the rest of us about the truth.  As you have done very well.

Thanks again, and may I say, I enjoy your postings immensely, you certainly know how to turn a phrase, and I'll be looking forward to anything you publish in the future. God bless!

DJC said...

Another Reviewer says of Fulsom's book, this book nearly drove me nuts! LOL!