Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mass Appeal

Entertaining debate tonight between Fox's Sean Hannity and director Michael Moore. We don't see this often enough: Two evenly matched, articulate zealots going at it hammer and tong for half an hour and doing so respectfully and with good humor and even flashes of grudging affection.

Reviewing the clash, the "Huffington Post" demonstrates its own profound unfamiliarity with liturgical worship by speculating that Hannity was lying just because he said that he went to mass Saturday night and yet couldn't remember what the sermon was about. It would've been a little bizarre if he had.

When Hannity visited the Nixon Library several years ago on Ash Wednesday to launch a book, he was concerned enough about not getting to church that he asked an Episcopalian, namely me, to conduct a brief service for him and his staff. I had to rush over to the parish I was then serving to get some ashes and actually talked myself out of a speeding ticket by saying I had to impose them on Sean Hannity.

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