Sunday, September 13, 2009

Honorable Mention, County Fair?

Kathy's heart-shaped rock collection.
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MK said...

Very cool! What a great thing to collect. I so enjoy seeing such photos on the site. I've lived my entire life in very urban areas - in New York City and in the city and suburbs of Washington, DC. I find your photos of Southern California fascinating. I've just visited once, around 1978 or 1979 when I came out to Lagune Niguel with several other colleagues on NARA TDY. We NARA employees spent most of our two week stay at the records center, working, but a few of us did get to the beach once (Laguna Beach), a quick trip into San Juan Capistrano, and dinner at El Adobe (NARA folks with Ken Kachigian). That was about it for fun stuff. But we never had time to do anything as fun as hunt for rocks. All the more fun for this urbanite to see this photo! Thanks for posting this, really lovely!

Fr. John said...

Ah, El Adobe, the French restaurant that became a Mexican restaurant when the President decided he wanted an enchilada in 1969.

I worked with Diane Nixon of the LN staff lo! these many years ago. I believe she was still there when we moved the non-deeded pre-P. records to the private Nixon Library in 1992.

Thanks for your comment.