Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Truth In Positioning

The Today Show just did an item about Carrie Prejean's revealing photographs, saying that these "might not sit well with her conservative supporters." Interesting, however, that they didn't present testimony from any of them. Instead, to plumb the social conservative soul, NBC presented a reporter for E! News, who said:
She can continue to advocate for causes, but I don’t think these causes are going to advocate for her.
We'll see. As the Today Show knows full well, conservatives, sensing another MSM putsch against another of their icons, will probably rally around her all the more. It would have been more honest if NBC had reported, "We anticipate that her apparent hypocrisy on moral issues -- posing for racy photos while preaching against gay marriage -- will discredit her not among true-believing right-wingers but among open-minded people who may not necessarily agree with her views but thought that up until now, she'd been rudely treated." But that might make it look as though the Today Show had an agenda, huh?

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