Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hiatus Uninterruptus

Photo by Pam Seigel

What a blessing to hear from time to time (well, twice) from people who miss reading my blog entries. My Advent hiatus became a Christmas-Epiphany-Lenten hiatus. If anyone (either of you) wonders why, blogging was taking too much time from 1) reading and 2) playing the guitar, which is increasingly coming in handy around St. John's. As I begin my second full year as a full-time priest and pastor at a wonderful Episcopal church and school in south Orange County, California, I find myself somewhat less focused on offering little-read insights on U.S.-Iran relations (though I still think this is the way to go) and more on the virtually infinite richness of ministry. Imagine, for instance, seeing these faces from the altar on Ash Wednesday (or from anywhere, anytime).

I may be back soon. For now, if you're still reading, and if you're on Facebook, friend me. I still expound there, though more briskly. God's blessings.


MK said...

How nice to hear from you here again, even if it only is a "drop in" as they say in DC, LOL. So glad to hear you are doing well. Love the picture of the children! Keep up the good work and many good wishes,


P.S. the word verification (captcha) reads "revera." Not a real word but close to "revere." How appropriate!

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