Friday, October 30, 2009

Joe's Show

A federally-run health insurance option didn't make it out of Senate committee, but the leadership inserted it in the proposed Senate bill anyway -- only to have the last moderate in the world, Joe Lieberman, threaten to mount a filibuster if the public option is left in.

Poor Democrats! Angered at his support for the Iraq war, the Connecticut party didn't nominate him for reelection in 2006, only to see him win as an independent. Now a rip-roaring British journalist calls him a "fame whore" for opposing the government-run program and calls on "progressives" to rally against him. But they tried that already, didn't they? And yet there he remains, demonstrating that the center can be the loneliest place in Washington.


Anonymous said...

Several liberal bloggers have pointed to the existence of many insurance companies in Connecticut as the main factor here. Some even have joked that in the identifier Liberman (I - CT), the I stands for Insurance, not Independent.

Fr. John said...

True enough. Sort of like Biden and the credit card companies in Delaware, huh? Of course he also may be against the public option because he thinks it's a bad idea.