Monday, April 2, 2012

Mark His Woodward

Michael Miner wonders if Bob Woodward is still in denial about his famous source, Mark Felt:

[Max] Holland tells me he’s sure that Woodward at some point stopped believing Felt was any such person [a "scrupulous whistle-blower"], even though he kept up to the pose to the end—in his eulogy at Felt’s funeral and in the book he then wrote about him, The Secret Man. To Holland, this book is most interesting for everything Woodward found it necessary not to know—in particular the details behind Felt’s sudden resignation from the FBI—in order to draw his “flattering, if fuzzy and unsatisfying portrait of Deep Throat.” Holland concludes with the observation that “Felt’s success at manipulating the media is a cautionary tale.” In Holland's version of the Felt-Woodward relationship, there was less honor on either side than the book, or the movie, or certainly the legend would have it.

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